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Atari Tempest (project)

Main pcb My main pcb (left pic.) and auxiliary circuit board (right pic.) of which the main board still has a fault. Despite changing the reset switch, 12Mhz crystal and various ic.s the only fault that remains is that the vector graphics are still screwy. Aux pcb
Spinner and Reg. Left pic., the regulator pcb and spinner assembly. On the right the start of my build up of a substitute linear PSU using a torroidal transformer. (For the 36v AC) PSU start
PSU built Left the completed PSU, note the extra winding to supply the 10.6v DC (unreg.)
On the right the PSU in action.......what a mess!
Tempest mess
Scope1 Left, I've connected the X and Y outputs of the main pcb to my scope (set up for XY display). Note the image is back to front and the retrace lines are visible.