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Well this is the pinball that made me want to get my own machine, a Bally  Mr and Mrs Pac-Man, sent in by Storm Studios for electronic restoration.

  ( Sorry my gallery is rather limited ) 


 Mr and Mrs Pacman image


  Mid restoration......
Bally Mr & Mrs Pac Man image Picture:

Mr & Mrs Pac-man.


Movie : Mr & Mrs Pac Man Short Movie : Mr & Mrs P.

In need of a few bulbs...


For more information on this machine see 

Elvira photo image

Thought I'd pad the page out a little with a photo of Elvira next to the pinball of the same name. Kindly sent to me by the game designer, Dennis Nordman, who also designed such games as Party animal, Scared stiff, Demolition man ..................the list goes on. See Dennis Nordman.