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Hi there, firstly may I thank you for showing an interest in my web pages. My name is Mark Whiting and as far back as I can remember I've always had an interest in electronics, even at the early age of four when I slid a coin behind a mains plug and nearly had an early end.===>
  After leaving school I went on to college and then university, graduating in 1986. My first workplace was Cox Electronics (later Abacus Cox Electronics), not sure if they're still going now? They supplied some of the mixer desks, video effects gear, etc to the Channel 4 TV station when it opened. Then came a supervisory role in an alarm manufacturing company followed by a test/repair position in a company which repaired monitors, printers and the like. Finally I ended up at Page Engineering (an Aerospace Industry) which was fun at first working on the AWACS program, Apache helicopter parts, Tornado central warning units, etc.


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But after three years there realised that I never wanted to be in a " 9 to 5 " job again. So, ever since have been self-employed and highly recommend it, not least of all for the varied pieces of electronic gear that I see. Also some design/prototyping work creeps in now and again which keeps the old grey matter going. I've now aimed more at the computer repair market as everything appears to have processors in it these days and videos/cathode ray tube units have become outmoded. I've been in the electronics industry all my life, in one capacity or another, and always will be I guess. If you've stayed awake to the end of reading this well done.

 Ps. For anyone wishing to work here there's only one position and it's filled by me, sorry.